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I’d like to thank all the visitors of my website and your kindness which reveals from the comments you leave.

When I started this blog page I didn’t expect to have readers from all over the world. To be honest I find it a bit scary. It’s like the ocean beautiful but dangerous.

I didn’t start writing to make money with it, and I’m not selling anything. My ideas shared here mean no desire to invade into your belief, way of thinking, and in return, please do not want me to join any brotherhood or any circle of friends.

Thoughts are like butterflies, they might have an affect on my readers also may be beautiful to some of you, however, these moths are no money makers they just hover here without any intention.

Please take them accordingly.

I appreciate that you want to help me boost my website and offer me SEO tips, but trust me better algorhytms will only mean more work for me to deal with exponetially growing comments, which I have no timet o devote to. I’m a simple man you see, please accept that.

Let me gaze the ocean you, my readers represent, and not be consumed by it.


Thank you